“The quality of life is determined by its activities” – Aristotle.

As appropriate this well-known saying is to each human being, irrespective of location, age or profession, it applies a tad more for respected elders who are spending a majority of their time in residential care homes. As popular across the globe, residential care homes are the apt place for elders to live a happy and carefree life. Today’s modern day residential care homes focus on an activity oriented approach. Whenever elderly people join the care homes, there is bit of shyness and awkwardness attached with them and over a period of time, if handled correctly, there could be a high level of mental and physical satisfaction that they experience. Residents in elderly care homes look forward to spending some part of their day doing such activities. It offers them a productive community lifestyle, which is why they feel more normal and connected to the world, else depression and loneliness are the two most risky feelings that the residents could face.

Social and Entertainment Activities are an integral part of the everyday lives of residents here and acts as a power boosted to their wellbeing. It has to be planned well ahead in advance so that the elders are informed about it way ahead in time and can easily be a part of it keeping no other commitment.

Activities for Care Home

Top 5 Reasons why Social & Entertainment Activities are a Must for a Healthy Elderly Care Homes

  • Overcoming Depression and Low Phases

One of the most common challenge that the occupants in the residential care homes for elderly face is the attack of depression, low mood, dullness, which more or less, is owing to the fixed, meticulous and rather dull life they are living. In order to overcome these negative vibes, it is essential to involve them in a variety of activities based on their capabilities both physical and mental. These activities are such that the residents start indulging themselves into it and come up with a lot of happiness, positivity, team spirit, oneness, family values and most of all, peace of mind.

  • Maintaining a Healthy Mental State of Mind

Two of the most common health issues that the residents suffer from is Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Of course, not all of them, there are many who are hale and hearty, some with physical discomforts and so on. One common factor that each one of them needs to maintain is a healthy and alert state of mind. Dementia care homes, the ideal choice for dementia sufferers, see to it that their elders get the best of treatment, attention and care along with a bunch of specialized activities that are specifically meant for sharpening the brain all the time. Activities like games, crossword puzzles, intelligent quiz etc. are meant to keep their brain alive and kicking.

  • Overpowering the Lonely Feeling

Each person has his / her reason of coming to the residential care home. Some have come here willingly while some have been forced to. All of them have left their original homes and families to adjust themselves into their new habitat. And hence, the very first negative feeling that would crop up is the feeling of loneliness. Hence, specific activities like get together, group games etc. are designed on a continual basis so that they all get to know each other and thereby, develop a sense of companionship and security with each other.

  • Indulging in Physical Activities for a Better Health

It has been a world known fact that most of the regular diseases are either cured, curbed or controlled with physical exercises like walking, sports, swimming etc. Of course, in such elderly homes, these activities are planned very much within the boundary of their own capability. The main aim is to keep up their physical health by involving them into a regular routine of physical freshness and motivation.

  • Offering a Nurturing & Routine Centric Environment

With all these activities and other schedules, what the care homes attempt to offer is a streamlined and routine environment, where there is a mix and match of activities available that they look forward to. Once that is set, the residents find it interesting and easy both, to manage their own routines. Just in case that is not followed, their life feels aimless and thereby, worthless. Hence, it is a must to have a certain of fixed processes being followed.

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Key Areas to Focus on For Best Management of Activities for Care Homes

  • Choose the Most Appropriate Activity Co-ordinator

After all, the management and implementation of these activities has to be taken up by someone who has a heart of gold, can easily and patiently deal with elders having any kind of trouble (physical, mental), think creatively of way and means by which the residents can feel happy and remain occupied most of their time. Finding such a co-ordinator really forms the crux of a successful and happy care home.

  • Keep a Good Amount of Provision for Activities in the Annual Budgeting

Sometimes, what happens is activities are taken for granted and not looked at, while the yearly cost provisions are being done. That’s not right at all, since not doing that will increase the burden on the management and thereby affect the quality of activities resulting in not so happy residents. Instead, if it well planned in advance, there can be a smooth and seamless rollout of activities one after the other and bring a big happy smile on the elders’ faces.

  • Have Third Party Co-ordinators Involved At Regular Intervals

At certain instances, owing to reasons like absence of in-house coordinator, residents getting bored with routine activities etc., there arises a need for external agencies to plug in and have activity oriented sessions with the residents. It is better to have a tie-up with some of them on a regular basis to avoid last minute hassles.

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