“I Have Dementia. My eyes do see, my ears do hear I am still me, so let’s be clear My memory may fade, My walk may slow I am ME inside Don’t let me go.”

This is the simple, straightforward yet highly complex turmoil through which Dementia sufferers are passing through. A huge, emotional, social, psychological and practical effect on a person suffering from dementia is mind boggling.  Who suffer from Dementia undergo a sequence of losses in their lives and adjust to them over a period of time. For Dementia Care Homes, what is of most importance is to provide full support to them in this condition and ensure a smooth, happy and healthy future for them. Various factors like the surroundings, relationships, support, love, care, nature etc. pose a heavy influence on the Dementia affected persons. Actually, each person is unique and has his / her own identity, some of which is scattered owing to this disease. It is vital to focus on the characteristics that still hold a stronger place in the person’s life rather than the ones they have missed out on. The entire purview then lies on how the person feels and reacts rather than what they remember.

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Dementia, on the whole, amounts to multiple effects on the person suffering from it. Some of the major symptoms are memory loss and difficulty in the thinking process which could lead to a loss of self-esteem, self-assurance, individuality, social accountabilities and the capability to work out other happenings and daily course of life. But, even with such huge losses, they don’t lose their emotional connect with people, especially those who lie within their particular circuit.

Significant Do’s and Don’ts in Dementia Care that Matter the Most


  • In case of your loved one getting confused on where he or she is, give simple explanations
  • Noticeable reminders are helpful to remind them of who and where they are
  • Redirect to appropriate authority in case the person is stationed at a dementia care home
  • Say as little as possible and divert them to another happening if things get aggrevated
  • Give some other excuses to save the situation sometimes, even if it means to speak untrue
  • Make them feel the safest and most loved one
  • Identify the cause of their hostility / misbehaviour
  • Truly know your loved one and let them be independent, as far as possible
  • Assess the magnitude of the problem rather than asking the sufferers what it is
  • Train & show them on doing their daily tasks rather than telling them to do so
  • Let them be a part of conversations most of the time
  • Try to grasp the meaning behind what they convey, even if it may sound absurd


  • Don’t give lengthy explanations. They are not capable to understand
  • Try not to argue beyond a point since its beyond them to act reasonable
  • Forget confining the person unless mandatory
  • Don’t question the person’s ability to handle consequences
  • Never force any issue upon them since they will not understand the significance
  • Act not to be defensive in any situation so that they feel you are on their side
  • Prefer not to take them to absolutely unknown places since that may trigger more anxiety in them

Why and How to Choose the Most Apt Dementia Care Home?

Care homes for Dementia offer a very positive and a high spirited opportunity to spend their life in a homely, happy and healthy environment. Caring for a person with Dementia needs highly trained personnel who know in and out about the disease and how to handle such people. Touching a very similar base as that of your own family, such elderly residential homes provide what family members provide at home adding value to it with their proficiency and expertness. Yes, the service areas could differ based on what problems are being faced by them. Say, in some cases, they just need personal care, whereas in certain cases, they need nursing care as well. These homes are the right choice for families who wish their elders live a life of happiness, comfort and good health

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How best to choose a Dementia Care Home has its own set of characteristics that play an important role.

  • Check for an appropriate and right residential care home in the nearby locality

It is essential to search for the right place in the vicinity of your own residence, so that you are reachable at any needed point of time and government authorities can surely help in finding such an area where you can easily avail this facility. Even factors such as shops, parks, libraries etc. matter the most to the sufferers while choosing the location.

  • Try to survey for any type of financial help that can be availed

It may or may not work out. But is definitely worth a try. You must try to avail any kind of financial help that can be given to the dementia sufferers while shifting them to the old age homes.

  • Understand the working mechanism of the care homes for Dementia

It is essential to study the amount of concentration and effort that the home authorities put in understanding the needs of the sufferers. It should not turn out that the sufferers are being forced to adapt to a particular routine without any flexibility of their own choices. That is certainly not permissible

  • Support of the social community to the elderly care homes

However famous, lavish, trained the homes may be, if they are not supported by the social community, for whatsoever reason may be, it isn’t feasible for our elders to be put there. It is mandatory to ensure that the homes are linked and associated to the community very closely.

  • Provision to have on premise visitors

There has to be check of how does the home arrange for visitors who come to visit the sufferers. Security, ambience, happiness and likeability factors are to be ascertained to a large extent. Including the main family, how does the home arrange and manage for members to meet the sufferers regularly and enjoy moments of fun together.

  • Security and Safety to be solid proof

After all, it’s our own family member who is here. Hence, the very first thing we feel is about their own security and that needs to be checked with the home. What type of safety and security arrangements are made and how are they executed is to be studied.

  • Respect for multi cultural, multi religion environment

Here, humanity is the only religion to be celebrated. Keeping that in mind, it has to be ascertained how the home treats various religions, languages, cultures put together.

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