“To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honours – Tia Walker.

After all, it’s all about touching people’s lives and hence making it more human, loved, cared, protected and happy is what matters the most. As people age, so do their problems, worries, inhibitions, limitations. A person capable of doing everything in the past suddenly realizes that there is big decision to be made – whether to move to a residential care or not – a burning question!  Needless to say, Residential care homes have turned out to be the apt choice for elders who either want to stay there permanently or spend some quality time over there. Safe, comfortable, spacious, luxurious – it has it all. Equipped with the most modern amenities, today’s elderly care homes offer the much wanted quotients of happiness, care, health, emotional security and much more to our elders and no wonder, the globe witnesses a sudden demand of these dwellings of happiness all over. The personalized service that these homes offer to the elderly includes a diverse set of amenities which may differ place to place but are capable enough of providing a big smile on their faces. But, with this becoming a business, hoards of such places are seen here and there. It becomes difficult to actually figure out the best. There needs to be a certain set of pre-defined criteria which can assist in choosing the best home for the future.

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5 Best Attributes Needed in a Residential Care Home

  • Emphasis on Human Value

After all, it is the human life that you are looking after, which is very precious and valued. Hence, the elderly residential home needs to base their entire working on the fact that the most respected asset for them is the human value and human touch. These place need to reflect the spirit of honesty, respect, humanity, care, integrity, discipline in each and every nook and corner of their home and in the hearts of their stakeholders.

  • Good Rapport with Various Health Organizations

A responsible and good residential care home needs to have a strong and important rapport with the health organizations nearby. After all, the prime attention that the elders might need is immediate medical help, at their age and hence providing the same instantly forms a very important aspect while choosing an ideal home.

  • Healthy and Clean Environment

As important are the facilities equally important is the environment where the home is situated. Greenery, cleanliness, a good intelligent design that offers all important health related facilities but yet doesn’t make them feel like patients is what is vital for any elderly person to get attracted while choosing a residential care home.

  • Engaging with a Community of People

Sharing some quality communal space time, space and company is what an individual looks for in such a home. Of course, they have their own set of company in the local premises but what they look for is some sort of change in the set of people they interact with and the ambience they live in. Hence, engaging with a local community of people is always a good idea to keep the atmosphere lively and for them to look forward to life.

  • Offering Extracurricular Activities Apart from Plain Care Taking

When it comes to staying in residential care homes for elderly, elders have their own set of reasons to do so, some with happiness and some out of force. Owing to their health problems and loneliness, they don’t only look for medical care and basic facilities, they seek company and entertainment too. An ideal home that understands the needs of the elders always ensures that there are enough activities for care homes that keep the busy, connected and happy.

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Questions you must ask and Get Answered Prior to Choosing a Residential Care Home

  • How are the health issues managed and controlled? Is there a medical doctor on premise? How do they handle emergencies? What affiliations do they have with hospitals around?
  • Are the elders reminded of their daily medicines? Does the home take care of replenishing their medicines if needed?
  • Are these homes equipped to handle all types of cases, wherein some could be having mental issues and some physical, each having its own set of needs and space?
  • How are the finances handled, apart from the monthly routine expense that is predefined? How much money should these elders keep with them, well enough to handle the further health issues, God forbid?
  • Are there transportation facilities available in case of any health issue or just in case the resident wants to visit someone around?
  • Is there enough security to manage the residents’ safety especially in cases where the residents are not here willingly and may attempt to leave the home?
  • What sort of meal options are available and when?

How to Convey this Sensitive Decision about Shifting to a Residential Care Home with Aging Parents?

For cases who are willing to move onto a residential home themselves, things become very easy to handle. But there could be cases where there is less willingness to move on. At such places, with a lot of patience, love and compassion, there has to be certain key pointers to be followed to achieve a positive result.

  • Just in case there is a sense of resentment that is sensed, there needs to be an early action which starts planting the seeds of shifting to a residential care home much prior to actually doing it
  • Set up a proper plan that includes all the factors that play an important role while shifting and also in the stay there
  • Let there be enough compassion and love in your words, so that there is no sense of being left or rejected and there is a true sense of why this step is being taken
  • Make it a family decision involving all siblings together also assuring them of regular visits and a continuous contact after their shifting to the home
  • Involve them in the process of choosing their own future abode. This makes them feel wanted, important and also give them the opportunity to get their desired choice, where they are going to spend their own time

Deciding to move to an elderly residential home, choosing an ideal one and shifting there – none of this is easy. These are big decisions but essential ones at some point in time. But, if done with maturity, planning and dedication, it can give a future filled with all that you yearned for – happiness, companionship, good health, healthy and yummy meals, lovely activities to pass time, more friends and what not. So, go in for it – consider it as one the most needed and happy moments of your life.

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